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Kurssi toteutetaan Moodle -verkkoympäristössä.

Työtila aukeaa 13.5.2020

Kurssilla on kaksi ryhmää: A ja B


Ryhmä A: MA Jaana Sorvari

Ryhmä B: Magdalini Liontou


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, students are able to:
-demonstrate the ability to write clear and effective business letters and email messages conveying information and details accurately
-demonstrate the ability to use an appropriate level of formality and style for business communications
-demonstrate mastery of the conventional formats and layouts of different types of business letters and email messages
-assess their own professional competitive advantage
-write business proposals, reports, and press releases with a good degree of fluency using the essential components of each in a professional business register


Contents:  It is possible to complete Module 1 and Module 2 for a total of four credits or to complete just one or the other module for a total of two credits.   

Business Writing 4 credits is a writing course which consists of two modules.  In Module one of the course students can meet the teacher in the classroom for one introductory session.  Following the optional introductory session students will begin completing the course via Moodle.  Students should study the instructions carefully by reading every sentence.  Students should read all instructions for each individual task and take a careful look at the examples.  Following that, they can write their own business letters, for example a letter of enquiry, a letter of response and a letter of introduction. During this part of the course the student will focus on writing fluency as well as special vocabulary specific to written business communication. Students should first complete assignment package one and then two and so on.  In package four, there is a break from business writing and there will be a shift away from business communication, as students practice writing a letter of application and a CV or resume.  In total, there are four assignment packages in this module.

In Module two of the course, the brief break from the focus on business writing will continue and the lens of the course will zoom further in on oneself.  The ideology behind this shift is the idea that the development of any skills is quite dependent on the development of self.  It is good to think about one’s own professional competitive advantage as well as the polishing of professional writing skills.  This brief deviation allows the student to practice writing fluently about oneself.  Lesson 1 and 2 will focus on interpersonal skills for the development of professional competitive advantage.  These first two lessons are followed by a review of effective and fluent written communication including proposals, reports and press releases.  Attention will be paid to professional writing style and tone, writing positive messages and understanding the difference between informal and formal English.  Special attention is paid to the delivery of written communication.


Moodle with independent work


Grading: 1–5


Tentti tehdään Moodlessa.


Proficiency level: B2/C1


4 op (kokonaisuus) 145 €,
2 op (Module one tai Module Two) 120 €

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