English Grammar 5 op (OY) - AY682431A

10.09.2022–14.01.2023 Oulu

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Contact hours 22 h, Zoom or campus


682374P Speech Production and Communication and 682428P Academic Writing and Communication required


FT Juha-Pekka Alarauhio


Upon completion of the course, the students will have
• developed an understanding of the interconnection between grammatical structure and linguistic meaning,
• adopted appropriate terms and concepts to apply in their own analyses of grammar and language
• and reflected on how they may use such tools in their future work as language teachers or as other language professionals.


Description and analysis of linguistic constituents, clause elements, classes of clauses and clause types; principles of combining clauses and constituents; semantic description of clauses.


The interactive lectures include group work, discussions and exercises.

Suoritustavat ja arviointikriteerit

Assessment is based on a learning portfolio and a final exam. All the course work, including the portfolio, has to be completed and submitted before the exam can be taken.


The course utilises a numerical grading scale (0–5), in which zero stands for fail.


Downing A., English Grammar: A University Course. London: Routledge, and/or other materials agreed on with the teacher