Kiinan kielen peruskurssi II, 5 op (OY) - ay905081Y

Basic Chinese II

Aika ja paikka

Kevät 2021, aikataulu tarkentuu myöhemmin.


Students will promote their listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities, so that at the end of the term the students will be able to carry out more advanced conversations with each other.

Learning outcomes:
-increase Chinese vocabulary and learn some complex sentence structures
-enable to speak basic Chinese (Mandarin) confidently
-be able to recognize about 150 basic Chinese characters
-form a solid foundation for further learning Chinese
-basic understanding of Chinese culture and society


The course emphasizes reading and writing skills and the analysis of  complex sentence structures. They will also learn more customs and culture in China.



Edeltävät opinnot

The Elementary course in Chinese I or equivalent knowledge.


Scope: 60 hours contact teaching

Assessment methods: To pass the course, students must attend it on regular basis and pass the final exam.

Language of instruction: Both Chinese and English are used.


Grading: 5-1/fail


Kurssin 1. tentti järjestetään kurssin aikana. Uusintatenttipäivät ilmoitetaan myöhemmin.


Liu Xun: New Practical Chinese Reader textbook 1
Beijing Language and Culture University Press ISBN 978-75619-1040-5

Liu Xun: New Practical Chinese Reader workbook 1
Beijing Language and Culture University Press ISBN 978-7-5619-1042-9

The lecturer will provide additional written and listening materials in class.


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Anne Pohjanen,,
044 465 2207