Research in Language Studies 5 op (OY) - AY682380A

18.03.2023–19.08.2023 Oulu

Aika ja paikka


Contact hours 16 h, Zoom or campus


FT/PhD Iira Rautiainen and FM Riikka Tumelius


Upon completion the student should be able to:
• display an understanding of research approaches to the study of language and language learning,
• display an understanding of research ethics, and
• identify appropriate research strategies in the context of particular research paradigms.


The overview of research approaches will focus on areas relevant for the study of language and language learning. Various methods for collecting and analyzing data will be dealt with. In the process of reviewing academic journals, participants will produce a summary of previous research on their chosen topic in language studies. The component on research ethics will deal with research integrity, good scientific practice and guidelines on research ethics via practical case studies.


Variable learning activities and teaching methods; work on key readings through lectures and workshops.

Suoritustavat ja arviointikriteerit

In the course option, attendance in class sessions is compulsory. In addition, the completion of the course requires active participation in learning activities and submission of a set of assignments as agreed at the beginning of the course.


The course utilises a numerical grading scale (0–5). In the numerical scale zero stands for a fail


To be agreed with the course teacher(s)