Researching Literature and Culture 5 op (OY) - AY682381A

09.09.2022–31.12.2023 Oulu

Aika ja paikka

*The course is to be completed as independent / online study.

Video Lectures 16 h
** Deadlines for coursework during Spring 2023.


FT Juha-Pekka Alarauhio


Upon completion the student should be able to:
• Demonstrate knowledge of a range of literary and cultural theories
• Apply these theories to a range of literary and cultural texts
• Understand the explanatory potential and limits of particular theories and approaches


This course will introduce students to a range of theoretical approaches to literary and cultural criticism, and give them opportunities to practice applying them to selected literary and cultural texts.


Contact teaching with interactive instructional methods.

Suoritustavat ja arviointikriteerit

Assessment will be based on a portfolio including a final term paper. A detailed description of the assessment criteria will be provided at the onset of the course.


The course utilizes a numerical grading scale (0–5). In the numerical scale zero stands for a fail.


To be agreed with the course teacher(s)