Brush-up your Finnish 1 - An Interactive Online Course, Basic Level A1.2

26.08.2024–18.11.2024 Verkossa

Kertaa suomea 1 - vuorovaikutteinen kurssi verkossa, perustaso A1.2




Virtual classroom

Target group

Students who have studied basic A1 level Finnish or wish to revise what they have already learnt


by 14.8.24

Course fee

40 €


Merja Kuure, koulutussuunnittelija
044 465 2203

Aika ja paikka


26.8.–18.11.24 (except 21.10.), on Mon at 19.30-21.00 (16 h)


A virtual Adobe Connect (AC) classroom on the Internet; students should have access to a computer with an Internet connection as well as a headset and a valid e-mail address.


Target group:

Students who have studied basic A1 level Finnish or wish to revise what they have already learnt. It is recommended that the participants have already studied the book used for this course.



Anne Palokangas (BA, HuK), native Finnish speaking teacher


Starting level: A1.2
Target level: A1.3


Course content:

Textbook: The main points of chapters 7–9 in the textbook Oma suomi 1.
The students are expected to have the textbook and a dictionary when starting the course.

The course offers a chance to expand your skills in basic level Finnish while familiarizing yourself with web-based language learning. In addition, students should be prepared to reserve approximately an hour a day for independent study. English will be used as a supporting language on the course.


Course Fee: 40 €

After filling the registration form you will be guided to pay the fee via Paytrail. Your registration will be accepted after paying. You will get the receipt to your email automatically.


Registration: by 14.8.24

The course will begin if there are enough registrations by 14.8.24.

The registration is binding. If the student wishes to cancel his/her registration after the registration time, he/she will be charged half the price of the course. If the student does not make a cancellation at all, the total price will be charged.

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