Business Studies for English Competence 4 ECTS - AY902126Y

17.10.2023–29.02.2024 Verkossa

Aika ja paikka

Etäopetus Zoomissa, opetuspäivät:

Ryhmät A ja B

ti 17.10. klo 17.00-18.30
to 19.10. klo 17.00-18.30
ti 31.10. klo 17.00-18.30
to 2.11. klo 17.00-18.30
ti 7.11. klo 17.00-18.30
to 9.11.klo 17.00-18.30
ti 14.11. klo 17.00-18.30
to 16.11. klo 17.00-18.30
ti 21.11. klo 17.00-18.30
to 23.11. klo 17.00-18.30
ti 28.11. klo 17.00-18.30
to 30.11. klo 17.00-18.30
ti 5.12. klo 17.00-18.30
to 7.12. klo 17-18.30
ti 12.12.  klo 17.00-18.30
to 14.12. TAI ti 19.12.2023 klo 17.00-18.30

Ryhmä C

maanantaisin ja torstaisin klo 17.00-18.30 ajalla  8.1.-29.2.2024

Ryhmä D

maanantaisin klo 16.30-18.00  ja torstaisin klo 17.00-18.30 ajalla 8.1.-29.2.2024.

Opetuksessa on läsnäolovaatimus.



MA Jaana Sorvari

FM Sari Törmänen


Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course the student will have been able to:

-define and demonstrate the acquisition and use of vocabulary and specialized terms related to his or her field of study

-demonstrate the ability to listen to field-related podcasts and interpret and understand field-related texts at a satisfactory level of understanding

-demonstrate the ability to verbally discuss, explore and organize information to complete various verbal and written tasks interactively and collaboratively

-experience and apply critical thinking, problem solving, and interaction skills in the tasks of the course

-experience and apply entrepreneurial mindset and skills to the tasks of the course



This course is a phenomenon-based learning experience which has a focus on the major language learning skills areas such as reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as field-related vocabulary expansion. This course is held entirely in Zoom. Moodle is used as the main workspace and active participation in the course is mandatory.

The course includes individual work and pair or group work and the course is project-based and all projects must be completed successfully. All deadlines must be met as well.

The course includes 8 projects and the course includes the adoption of entrepreneurial ways of thinking and operating such as creative and strategic thinking and planning, thinking on your feet, flexibility, commitment and the ability to pivot when needed. These skills are practiced within the context of different fields of business as the course is integrated with courses in the subject studies through the shared use of the same textbooks which are required reading for the subject courses of Management, Accounting, Marketing and Economics. In this course, the student is at the same time learning and practicing entrepreneurial mindset and skills, many generic skills, learning and practicing English and learning the same content that must be learned in the subject courses. This course supports the student as he or she makes the first contact into the linguistic world of these areas of study.

Teaching Methods

The course is held in Moodle and Zoom.

The course consists of eight projects and each project is estimated to take about 13 hours of time.

Learning material

The course materials are in Moodle.

Assessment criteria

The grading scale for the course is 1-5 or Fail.

Each project includes assignments which will be graded using the 1-5 grading scale or Pass/Fail. The course grade will be the average of all grades

Proficiency level



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