Introduction to starting a company in Finland 2 op (OY)


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A more detailed timetable will be published later.

The course is a self-study online course in Moodle during the study period.


Santeri Halonen,

Project researcher, University of Oulu


The course provides the student with basic information on starting a business in Finland. ​​After the course, student:

  • ​has the basic knowledge of starting a company in Finland (ie. main funding sources, main supportive organizations, rights and responsibilities, different company types)
  • ​knows what the main supportive organizations and main funding sources are
  • ​knows the rights and responsibilities of an entrepreneur
  • ​knows the different company types​


Course includes:

  • Introduction of the (public) business support organizations, enterprise associations etc.
  • Funding sources or access to finance (start funding, ELY, Leader)
  • Responsibilities and rights (taxes, insurances, VAT responsibilities etc.)
  • Different company types (OY, Toiminimi…)


After completing the course, the student can include these 2 ECTS in the course AY00AH94 Introduction to micro-entrepreneruship in Finland (5 ECTS).


This course is free of charge.


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