Speech Production and Communication 5 ECTS (OY) - AY682374P

30.08.2024–31.01.2025 Oulu

Aika ja paikka

See the schedule on the main page. Please note that while assignment deadlines on the courses vary, the latest possible deadline for assignments on all courses is 31 January 2025. The teachers will give course-specific instructions and assignment deadlines once the courses commence.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the course, the students will
- display an understanding of the principles of the English sound system and intonation patterns
- implement and develop their skills in the conventions of spoken English in relation to various contexts (e.g. oral presentations, talks, interviews)
- be able to give, receive and engage with peer-based feedback
- demonstrate knowledge of their own abilities in spoken English and develop strategies to address areas of weakness independently
- be able to identify and use appropriate resources successfully to support interaction in general as well as pronunciation and intonation more specifically
- be able to make use of the knowledge and experiences that they acquire during the course in their future studies and/or working life.

The course covers the fundamentals of the English sound system, intonation patterns and transcription. It also provides an introduction to features of spoken discourse. Students practice various kinds of spoken tasks and develop their capacities to maintain their oral skills once the course is over.

FM Tiina Eilittä

Mode of Delivery
Blended teaching

Learning activities and teaching methods
Variable teaching and learning methods

Recommended or Required Reading
The set texts or links to electronic sources will be available in Moodle. In addition, students will seek their own material for some of the assignments.

Assessment Methods and Criteria
Assessment will be based on various written and oral assignments.

The course utilises a numerical grading scale (0–5). In the numerical scale zero stands for a fail.

Recommended Optional Programme Components
The course is an independent entity and does not require additional studies carried out at the same time.